Ukrainian Association
of Chefs

Today, it is the largest professional organization of culinary specialists.

Volunteer work
and help

In this difficult time, the Association of Chefs of Ukraine took the direction of supporting those who really need this help


Increasing the prestige of the profession of chefs, cooks and confectioners.

Hi, I’m Igor Bragin – a chef and the founder of the Culinary Academy and the Association of Chefs of Ukraine.

My goal and dream is the development of gastronomy in Ukraine. Our main goal is to help chefs learn and find something new in cookery.

In 2007, I created an organization that brought together many chefs, sous chefs, and cooks.

In 13 years, more than 1000 chefs from Ukraine and abroad joined the Association. To each of them, we give the opportunity to develop with us and create novelties in culinary.

In 2012, I took a chance and created the Culinary Academy, a place that would help everyone to develop and learn something new in gastronomy.

In 8 years, our Academy has become more than just a school for professionals: every chef can join and choose any sphere for professional development in the field of gastronomy.

Our doors are always open both for novice chefs and professionals in the field. And this is just the beginning of our journey. Because everything we do is for you, our colleagues, and for the development of gastronomy in Ukraine.

Igor Bragin



Main gastronomic events

Culinary Academy


The only professional educational institution in Ukraine that trains chefs in haute cuisine in current culinary trends.

The teachers of the academy are professionals recognized at the international level.

The best choose the best!

The Association of Chefs of Ukraine was created so that all its members could share their experience and influence the development of gastronomy by improving it in our country.