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The CustomHeat brand is a special pride of the Contact JV.

The Ukrainian-American company, which has been famous for the quality and variety of professional technological equipment and kitchen utensils supplied by leading manufacturers in America, Europe and Asia for 21 years, in 2011 organized its own production in Ukraine.

“CustomHeat” is a powerful factory that produces professional gas and electrical equipment for professional kitchens.

More than 100 types of high-tech equipment are designed to organize uninterrupted, ergonomic and profitable work of the kitchen, whether it is a home or professional kitchen, a supermarket cafe or a haute cuisine of a prestigious restaurant.

CustomHeat products are intended not only for those who have perfectly mastered the art of preparing haute cuisine and gourmet confectionery, cooking and baking, grillardiens and pizza makers, but above all for owners of HoReCa establishments and budding businessmen who want to optimize their business.

“All you need and nothing more!” is the motto and principle of CustomHeat’s work with its customers, who have already appreciated the high-tech, economical and versatile equipment of the Ukrainian manufacturer.


Address: st. Academician Filatov, 5/2, Odessa, 65080, Ukraine

Tel.: +380(48) 702-82-80, +380(482) 34-16-00

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